This data portrait is tracking how many times I check the clock every day. Each circle represents the exact time I checked the clock and from top to bottom correspond from AM to PM. Attached is part of the data I collected on my phone. In JS, I tried to translate each timestamp to a specific number I can use. The canvas size is 600px and I used the military time system so after dividing each timestamp by 4, I got a number within 600 to use for this portrait. Then I used these numbers as the Y position of each circle. You will notice from the portrait that I look at the clock more often on weekdays and before class times.
It wasn't until I start tracking the times I look at the clock that I realized how often I do that. It feels like a clock constantly ticking in the back of my mind. I'm someone who is hard to relax and forget what I need to do and the deadlines. This habit helps me to get work done on time but also created so much mental pressure for myself. During tracking, I also noticed I'm only writing down the numbers. It might show I'm constantly on a schedule but ignored different emotions I might have during the time. It might be because I'm anxious due to an assignment but I could also be looking forward to something and being excited about it. Data doesn't often show emotions, only numbers.

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