I found it difficult to accept the impermanence of life, more specifically, my own death. Therefore, I talked with a group of people who deal with death on a daily basis: Chaplain staff, doctors, and nurses. The hope was to find an answer for myself: How should I view and accept death? It did not surprise me that every individual has their own theory of death which ties into their cultural background, life experiences, and spirituality. Talking about death could be difficult, so I spend a large amount of time over the course of three months building a relationship and trust with my interviewees. Everyone inspired me in different ways and left me with a strong visual impression. This body of work is about the fascinating conversations I had with them. Texture, color, and the symbolism of objects are the major components in this series. The sound wave shape in each piece is directly quoted from the audio recording of the conversations. I want the audience to see these individuals’ life stories and their understanding of death. It is never too early to think about death, this ultimate life question. There is also no true answer to the question of mortality, but I want this project to help the viewer start the conversation.

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